This is the personal website of Ben Bronsema, PhD, BEng, consulting engineer and researcher.

My specialty is climate control, and my fascination is the creation, thereof, of a safe, healthy, productive, comfortable, and energy efficient indoor environment. I have devoted a significant portion of my professional life to this fascination in my capacity both As designer and as researcher.  Over the course of my development, the emphasis gradually shifted from mechanical to more natural systems, culminating in the present study.

The optimum climate is formed, in my belief, by a symbiosis of nature and technology employing hybrid systems. Nature plays a dominate role in these systems both from the perspective of the user (indoor) and with respect to energy (outdoor environments).

I certainly do not pretend to be the only person engaged in this development. Architects and engineers worldwide are investigating systems of natural ventilation and air conditioning. The main purpose of my site is to inform these known and unknown colleagues where my expertise lies and in which direction my research develops with the expectation that a spiritual exchange of ideas will originate with mutual benefit.

– Ben Bronsema