Follow up research performance Ventec roof in connection with Architecture (2)

To optimize the performance of the Ventec Roof, also in relationship to architectural quality, further research is needed. This research will be conducted by employing CFD simulations which must be validated with wind tunnel measurements. In principle, the following parameters will manifest:

•             The size of the upper roof in relationship to the lower roof;
•             The size of the roof projections for the purpose of the pressure chamber;
•             The curvature of the lower roof and the upper roof;
•             The height of the throat in the pseudo-venturi in relationship to the air velocity in the venturi ejector;
•             The impact on the pressure coefficients of the outflowing air through dampers and wind turbines in the pressure-chamber;

Furthermore, the performance of the Ventec Roof for buildings with geometries other than the 20 x 20 m model must be examined. The wind regime and its effects on the over- and under pressures in a Ventec Roof for a building with width / depth ratios >> 1 may necessitate additional provisions to be portrayed by simulations.

On the basis of these additional simulations, performance requirements can be formulated to optimize the wind- and leeward side pressure coefficients.

These performance requirements can be translated into architectural models for buildings with different heights. By doing so, the Ventec roof will provide the pursued synthesis of technology and architecture.

Ideally, this research is to be conducted in combination with the research ad point (3).