Unknown makes unloved

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“Unknown makes unloved” and that is why I started an offensive to familiarize the installation sector (consultants, installers, suppliers, technical service employees etc.) with the EWF concept of Natural Air Conditioning. In TVVL Magazine a mini series about the EWF concept is published, of which the first two parts have now been published – see appendices.

Natuurlijke Airconditioning- waar wachten we nog op

Evolutie van een innovatie-deel 1

In addition, information about the EWF concept is provided in the various TVVL regions in so-called End of Day Lectures. The first lecture was on 29 January of this year for the South Holland and Zeeland region. The presentations were well received by the approximately 60 participants present.

I would like to ask your cooperation to bring the EWF concept to your attention in your business sector. Natural Air Conditioning offers on the one hand an energy-efficient operation at low operating costs; on the other hand, a healthy and comfortable workplace. See the article “Natuurlijke Airconditioning – waar wachten we nog op?

It is virtually impossible to make a revenue model for the market introduction. The revenues from the EWF concept in terms of energy saving and indoor environment are socio-social in nature and can not be directly expressed in money. Which investor would like to invest in such a concept?

I am happy to explain the above if desired.

Dr.-Ing Ben Bronsema – Bronsema Consult

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